The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Snow melts in the Sierras and flows through rivers and streams toward the heart of the system.
California’s primary water supply hub.
Home to more than 700 native species.
But, The Delta is No Longer equipped to serve all those who depend on it, and challenges are mounting
Delta Conveyance

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We need to modernize our state’s water delivery system, making it more resilient to climate extremes including recurring drought and flooding, protecting against earthquakes, and ensuring a reliable water supply for our homes, farms and businesses. As directed by the Governor and building on work already conducted, the Department of Water Resources is pursuing a new environmental review and planning process for a single-tunnel solution to modernize Delta conveyance and meet these needs:

Water Supply Reliability
Drought Preparedness
Seismic Security
Environmental Restoration
What's New
Longfin Smelt Science Symposium
At the 2019 Longfin Smelt Symposium, the State Water Contractors invited researchers and experts to engage in a day of discussion on Longfin Smelt.
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