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Public Notices04.28.20
Policy Statements06.18.19
SWC Comments on Draft EIR for the Incidental Take Permit
Public Notices06.25.19
2019-2020 Salary Ranges
Public Notices11.15.18
Fact Sheets10.24.18
Champions of Science, Research and Innovation
Fact Sheets10.23.18
Leading the Way in Water Management and Efficiency
Fact Sheets10.22.18
Expanding Local Water Supplies
Alameda County WD
Public Notices09.7.18
Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District - Letter in Support of Water Supply Contract Extension
Public Notices09.6.18
State Water Contractors Board of Directors June 20, 2019 Meeting Agenda
Fact Sheets07.3.18
Extending Long-Term Water Supply Contracts to Address Financing the SWP and Impact to Ratepayers
Public Notices06.14.18
Public Notices05.23.18
Now Hiring: State Water Contractor's Science Manager Position
Public Notices11.1.17
SWC - Letter of Appreciation to Oroville
USBR - Environmental Assessment with Appendices - Delta Smelt Fall Outflow in 2017
Fact Sheets09.27.17
State Water Project - Statewide Fact Sheet
Public Notices08.7.17
Background on DWR Validation Action
Press Releases06.26.17
Release of Key Permit Marks Final Lap for California WaterFix
Public Notices04.26.17
SWC Letter to DSC on Revised Delta Plan
Press Releases02.16.17
State Water Contractors Name Jennifer Pierre General Manager
Fact Sheets02.14.17
Overview on the Oroville Dam Facilities and Recent Events
Policy Statements01.25.17
John Leahigh - Testimony Before CA State Water Resources Control Board
Delta Doozies01.25.17
Delta Doozy: Delta Water Won't Meet CWA Standards Post-WaterFix
Press Releases01.3.17
Results of First Annual Snow Survey Underscore Need for Flexible Water System
Delta Deception11.10.16
Delta Deception: Let’s review some recent West Coast tunnel history
Press Releases08.31.16
New Strategy to Improve Delta Smelt Population Surpasses Expectations
Delta Deception08.24.16
Delta Deception: Water Temperatures Will be Lethal for Salmon with California WaterFix
Policy Statements07.25.16
Kern County Water Agency California WaterFix Policy Statement
Policy Statements07.25.16
Zone 7 Water Agency California WaterFix Policy Statement
Policy Statements07.25.16
Metropolitan Water District California WaterFix Policy Statement
Policy Statements07.20.16
Castaic Lake Water Agency California WaterFix Policy Statement
Policy Statements06.21.16
Coachella Valley Water District California WaterFix Policy Statement
Policy Statements05.31.16
Desert Water Agency California WaterFix Policy Statement
Fact Sheets05.12.16
Water Lost Infographic
Delta Doozies02.12.16
Delta Doozy: Less Costly & Less Damaging Alternatives to CA WaterFix Haven't Been Equally and Seriously Considered - Feb 2016
Press Releases01.28.16
Water Losses Eclipse Gains from Winter Storms
Delta Doozies01.19.16
Double Doozy: Construction Will Begin in the Delta Without a Complete Environmental Review, Project Will Stop Freshwater from Flowing Through the Delta - Jan 2016
Press Releases01.15.16
Draft Agreement on Construction & Design Process Marks Important Milestone for California WaterFix
Press Releases12.30.15
Drought Persists Despite Higher Than Average Snowpack
Policy Statements10.1.15
Public Water Agencies Joint Comment Letter on RDEIR
Press Releases07.9.15
California Closes in on Final Delta Plan with Release of Environmental Report
Delta Doozies06.22.15
Delta Doozy: Delta should be a complete sacrifice zone for water exports - June 2015
Press Releases06.16.15
Public Water Agencies Seek Action to Protect Stored State Water Project Supplies from Unlawful Diversions
Delta Doozies05.14.15
Delta Doozy: Purpose to Entice Federal Fishery Agencies to Grant The Project A Permit - May 2015
Press Releases04.30.15
Governor Brown Introduces California WaterFix Revised Solution for Broken Water System
Press Releases04.1.15
Governor Brown Announces First Ever Statewide Mandatory Water Reductions
Delta Doozies03.4.15
Delta Doozy: Thankful for Opposition of Governor Brown's plan to build twin tunnels - March 2015
Delta Doozies03.3.15
Delta Doozy: Not Enough Cold Water for Salmon - March 2015
Press Releases03.2.15
Storms Provide Small Increase in Water Supplies for Public Water Agencies
Delta Doozies02.13.15
Delta Doozy: Material Stockpiling, Power Lines, & Accidental Oil Spills - Feb 2015
Policy Statements02.2.15
MWD Objects Temporary Change Position
Policy Statements02.2.15
Joint SWC & SLDMWA Objection to SWRCB Executive Director's Temporary Urgency Change Petition
Delta Doozies01.27.15
Delta Doozy: Supply Cutbacks due to Delta Smelt Regulations - Jan 2015
Press Releases01.15.15
State Increases Water Deliveries to Public Water Agencies
Fact Sheets10.14.13
Sacramento San Joaquin Delta
Fact Sheets08.27.13
BDCP Fact vs. Fiction
Fact Sheets07.25.13
BDCP Fact Sheet
Fact Sheets06.18.13
BDCP Creating & Protecting Jobs
Fact Sheets05.22.13
Delta Water Diversions Unmeasured Unmanaged
BDCP Statewide Economic Impact Report (Draft)
Employment Impacts for Proposed Bay Delta Water Conveyance Tunnel Options
New Science Developments Fish Lifecycle Modeling
Update on BDCP & Delta Conveyance
Fact Sheets09.23.19
Delta Water Tunnels Build It Once Build It Right
Fact Sheets12.31.69
BDCP Cost-Benefit Studies A Comparison
Fact Sheets12.31.69
Sacramento Ship Channel Diversion
Fact Sheets12.31.69
Fattening Delta Levees An Incomplete Solution
Fact Sheets12.31.69
Delta Stewardship Council Maintaining The Right Focus
Fact Sheets09.23.19
California Farm Water Coalition BDCP Accept No Substitutes