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Delta Doozies
Delta Doozies01.25.17
Delta Doozy: Delta Water Won't Meet CWA Standards Post-WaterFix
Delta Doozies02.12.16
Delta Doozy: Less Costly & Less Damaging Alternatives to CA WaterFix Haven't Been Equally and Seriously Considered - Feb 2016
Delta Doozies01.19.16
Double Doozy: Construction Will Begin in the Delta Without a Complete Environmental Review, Project Will Stop Freshwater from Flowing Through the Delta - Jan 2016
Delta Doozies06.22.15
Delta Doozy: Delta should be a complete sacrifice zone for water exports - June 2015
Delta Doozies05.14.15
Delta Doozy: Purpose to Entice Federal Fishery Agencies to Grant The Project A Permit - May 2015
Delta Doozies03.4.15
Delta Doozy: Thankful for Opposition of Governor Brown's plan to build twin tunnels - March 2015
Delta Doozies03.3.15
Delta Doozy: Not Enough Cold Water for Salmon - March 2015
Delta Doozies02.13.15
Delta Doozy: Material Stockpiling, Power Lines, & Accidental Oil Spills - Feb 2015
Delta Doozies01.27.15
Delta Doozy: Supply Cutbacks due to Delta Smelt Regulations - Jan 2015