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Fact Sheets10.24.18
Champions of Science, Research and Innovation
Fact Sheets10.23.18
Leading the Way in Water Management and Efficiency
Fact Sheets10.22.18
Expanding Local Water Supplies
Fact Sheets07.3.18
Extending Long-Term Water Supply Contracts to Address Financing the SWP and Impact to Ratepayers
Fact Sheets09.27.17
State Water Project - Statewide Fact Sheet
Fact Sheets02.14.17
Overview on the Oroville Dam Facilities and Recent Events
Fact Sheets05.12.16
Water Lost Infographic
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Sacramento San Joaquin Delta
Fact Sheets08.27.13
BDCP Fact vs. Fiction
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BDCP Fact Sheet
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BDCP Creating & Protecting Jobs
Fact Sheets05.22.13
Delta Water Diversions Unmeasured Unmanaged
Fact Sheets09.23.19
Delta Water Tunnels Build It Once Build It Right
Fact Sheets12.31.69
BDCP Cost-Benefit Studies A Comparison
Fact Sheets12.31.69
Sacramento Ship Channel Diversion
Fact Sheets12.31.69
Fattening Delta Levees An Incomplete Solution
Fact Sheets12.31.69
Delta Stewardship Council Maintaining The Right Focus
Fact Sheets09.23.19
California Farm Water Coalition BDCP Accept No Substitutes