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Dr. Sunding's Comments to San Diego County Water Authority Board Meeting
Dr. Sunding's Comments to San Diego County Water Authority Board Meeting
27 October 2016

Dr. David Sunding, chair of the UC Berkeley’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, offered comments to the Board regarding his draft economic analysis of California WaterFix.

"As you know, California WaterFix is an evolving planning process...

"After looking at this over many years, what is increasingly clear about California WaterFix is the very substantial benefit in investing in this project as compared to the status quo, which would lead to continued deterioration in water supply reliability over time.

"The information and environmental analysis to date suggests an improvement in water supply reliability for the State Water Project and Central Valley Project from WaterFix in the range of a million acre feet per year. 

"From either an urban or agricultural perspective, California WaterFix will cost approximately $400 for every acre foot of improved water supply. From an urban water supply perspective, this is dramatically lower than the array of local alternatives available to Southern California and the Bay Area — even when taking into account the costs of conveyance and water treatment.

"If the property value and water cost trends continue, given the agricultural productivity of the San Joaquin Valley, California WaterFix will be quite positive for agriculture."

Read the full statement here.