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Metropolitan & Coachella Valley Water Districts Vote in Favor of California WaterFix
10 October 2017

California WaterFix got two big thumbs up today. The boards of directors of two members of the State Water Contractors—the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and Coachella Valley Water District—both passed resolutions supporting the project. MWD is the nation’s largest supplier of treated water, comprised of 26 member public agencies and serving nearly 19 million customers. Its ‘Yes’ vote accounts for just over a quarter of the California WaterFix project’s financing, making it a significant boon to advancing the project.

Randy Record, chairman of the MWD board, had the following comments in response to his board's vote:

“Every generation of Southern Californians has to reinvest in our water system to ensure a reliable water future. Today marks one of those historic votes that reaffirms that commitment and vision. We simply must modernize and improve the reliability of our imported supplies as well as meet the needs of growth by developing more local supplies and extending conservation.”

Other SWC members will vote on supportive resolutions for the project in the coming weeks. To stay up to date with the latest news about our members' decisions, connect with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.