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State Water Project Allocation Increased to 35%
State Water Project Allocation Increased to 35%
21 May 2018

Ian Anderson

State Water Project Allocation Increased to 35%
Public Water Agencies Benefit from a Boost amid
“Climate Whiplash”

Sacramento, CA – The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced today that public water agencies now are projected to receive 35 percent of contracted water supplies from the State Water Project (SWP), representing a 5 percent increase from last month.

“We welcome this much-needed boost to our water supplies — and thank DWR for keeping the SWP facilities humming by capturing and storing our state’s most critical resource as nature supplies it,” said Jennifer Pierre, General Manager of the State Water Contractors.

“The ‘climate whiplash’ we’re experiencing between wet and dry extremes is the new norm, requiring public water agencies to carefully manage and conserve supplies. It also means we must continue investing in and maintaining our SWP infrastructure while concurrently expanding our local supply projects and conservation efforts.”

Two-thirds of the state’s water supply originates from the Sierra Nevada mountains as snowmelt. That high-quality, clean water travels through the SWP, serving as California’s lifeline to 25 million Californians, 750,000 acres of fertile agricultural land and a variety of industries that form the backbone of the state’s economy.

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 The State Water Contractors is a statewide, non-profit association of 27 public agencies from Northern, Central and Southern California that purchase water under contract from the California State Water Project. Collectively the State Water Contractors deliver water to more than 25 million residents throughout the state and more than 750,000 acres of agricultural land. For more information on the State Water Contractors, please visit