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State Water Contractors Provide Over $7 Million in Funding for the Tule Red Tidal Restoration Project
State Water Contractors Provide Over $7 Million in Funding for the Tule Red Tidal Restoration Project
15 October 2019

Tidal Restoration Project Restores Nearly 420 Acres of Wetland Habitat in Suisun Marsh for Endangered & Threatened Fish Species Delta Smelt, Chinook Salmon and Longfin Smelt

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Sacramento, CA – The State Water Contractors (SWC) provided $7.7 million for the Tule Red Tidal Restoration Project, completed today with the breach of the levees in the Southern Suisun Marsh.
The Project – one of the most significant tidal restoration projects in California’s recent history – allows tidal water to flow naturally through this region of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, restoring hundreds of acres of wetland habitat for endangered and threatened fish species including Delta smelt, Chinook salmon and Longfin smelt. 
The SWC provided the funding for the project through the State and Federal Contractors Water Agency (SFCWA). SFCWA collaborated with Westervelt Ecological Services (WES), the Department of Water Resources (DWR) and local landowners to complete the project, which began in 2011.
“The SWC is committed to improving habitat conditions in the Delta, especially where scientist agree that it can be most effective for our most imperiled species,” said Jennifer Pierre, General Manager of the State Water Contractors. “This project is perfectly located for recreating the key water-landscape interface that drives ecosystem functions in the Delta and provides shelter, food, and opportunities for fish spawning, resting and rearing.”
The site was previously managed by the Tule Red Duck Club, who diked the area off to create freshwater habitat for game ducks in the early 1900’s. Ninety-five (95) percent of the original wetlands and floodplain in the Delta have been lost to human development, impacting the dynamic habitat fish need to survive and thrive.
“The Tule Red Tidal Restoration Project will provide a host of lasting benefits including flood protection and the re-establishment of tidal habitat which is critical to supporting native fish,” said Ted Craddock, Acting Deputy Director for the State Water Project, California Dept. of Water Resources. “This project can serve as an example for future multi-benefit projects delivered through collaboration with our partners at the local, state and federal levels.”

Now that the project has been completed, the site will be turned over to California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), who will take responsibility for monitoring and managing the site with DWR providing State Water Project (SWP) funding in perpetuity.


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