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Longfin Smelt Science Symposium
07 November 2019

At the 2019 Longfin Smelt Symposium, the State Water Contractors invited researchers and experts to engage in a day of discussion on Longfin Smelt. While research on this threatened species is ongoing and everchanging, those focusing on this issue in the science community rarely have the opportunity to come together to discuss current research, findings and a collaborative path forward for protecting Longfin Smelt and their habitats. This symposium provided an opportunity for reporting out on longfin smelt science efforts within the research community, as well as speaker presentations and open discussions.

To view the Event Agenda and Speaker Biographies please click on the following link: Longfin Smelt Symposium Agenda & Bios.pdf

To view individual speaker presentations, please refer to the following time stamps to find them within the video above:

Trishelle Tempel, CDFW
Start:  10:51
End:   28:43

Michelle Jungbluth, SFSU
Start:  29:39
End:   55:40

Tien-Chieh Hung, UC Davis
Start:  56:29
End:   1:13:18

Jim Hobbs, CDFW
Start:  1:13:48
End:   1:34:40

Mandi Finger, UC Davis
Start:  1:35:58
End:   1:57:04

Fred Feyrer, USGS
Start:  1:59:19
End:   2:24:42

Levi Lewis, UC Davis
Start:  2:25:25
End:   2:52:05

Corey Phillis, MWD
Start:  2:52:24
End:   3:14:58

Wim Kimmerer, SFSU
Start:  3:15:23
End:   3:47:22

Ed Gross, RMA
Start:  3:47:55
End:   4:12:52

Shawn Acuna, MWD
Start:  4:46:11
End:   4:57:12