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SWC Response to State’s Filing of Notice of Preparation for a Single-Tunnel Delta Conveyance Project
15 January 2020

Sacramento, CA – Today, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) released a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for a single-tunnel Delta Conveyance project for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta — marking a milestone in the public environmental review process that is required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The NOP reflects the Newsom Administration’s ongoing commitment to advance a Delta Conveyance project as a crucial part of the state’s Draft Water Resilience Portfolio released on January 3, which recognizes the project as necessary for building a modern, climate-resilient water supply for California.

“We applaud the Newsom Administration for moving the ball forward on a single-tunnel Delta Conveyance project. There’s no question that a Delta tunnel is one of the critical and necessary solutions for ensuring that Californians have a reliable water supply for their homes and businesses amidst the growing threats and impacts of climate change.

Faced with the realities of more intense droughts and floods, the State Water Contractors have built local and regional projects to diversify and expand their water supplies, and they continue to explore new ways to serve their customers into the future. For most of our members, it’s a cost-effective supply even as they invest to diversify their portfolios. However, we need to do everything we can to prepare for tomorrow and that includes building a tunnel in the Delta to protect the future health of our urban and agricultural communities as well as the environment.”

Jennifer Pierre
General Manager
State Water Contractors


The State Water Contractors is a statewide, non-profit association of 27 public agencies from Northern, Central and Southern California that purchase water under contract from the California State Water Project. Collectively the State Water Contractors deliver water to more than 27 million residents throughout the state and more than 750,000 acres of agricultural land. For more information on the State Water Contractors, please visit

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