Joint Statement in Support of the Voluntary Agreements2023-09-29T08:08:42-07:00
Press Release: SWC Partners with DWR to Award $4 Million in Funding for Science Projects2023-08-02T08:43:40-07:00
Fun in the Sun Fact Sheet2023-07-21T13:55:13-07:00
SWC Annual CalPERS Meeting Materials2023-06-08T14:30:26-07:00
Managing California’s Water Through Climate Change Whiteboard Video2023-05-24T16:25:04-07:00
Statement: State Water Contractors Respond to Governor Newsom’s Bold Commitment to Secure California’s Water Future2023-05-19T12:07:50-07:00
Statement: State Water Contractors Respond to Full Allocation of State Water Project Supplies2023-04-20T13:47:59-07:00
Statement: State Water Contractors Respond to Increased Allocation of State Water Project Supplies2023-03-24T15:01:59-07:00
Statement: SWC Respond to State Water Resources Control Board Modification of TUCP2023-03-10T13:36:04-08:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Governor Newsom’s Water Resilience Order2023-02-14T16:14:03-08:00
CalMatters Op-Ed: Broad-based buy-in is key to Bay-Delta water plan2023-02-10T16:07:23-08:00
Press Release: SWC Issues Request for Proposals for Funding for Science Projects2023-02-16T14:23:10-08:00
2023 SWC Science Plan2023-05-10T15:28:10-07:00
SWC Science Program RFP2023-02-03T16:30:00-08:00
SWC Proposal Summary Worksheet2023-02-02T17:16:59-08:00
DCP Diversions Fact Sheet2023-08-17T14:23:32-07:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Allocation of State Water Project Supplies2023-02-01T16:19:57-08:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Initial Allocation of State Water Project Supplies2023-02-01T16:31:27-08:00
2022 Science Symposium Session Recording2022-11-01T13:40:11-07:00
2022 Science Symposium Panel Presentations2022-11-02T17:50:27-07:00
2022-2023 Annual Science Report2023-08-17T14:25:28-07:00
SWC SB 1020 Fact Sheet2022-12-05T15:37:54-08:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Governor Newsom’s Water Supply Strategy2022-08-11T13:22:10-07:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Release of Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Delta Conveyance Project2022-07-27T10:09:35-07:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Governor Newsom’s 2022-23 May Revise Proposal2022-05-16T12:54:23-07:00
Voluntary Agreements Messaging Framework2023-01-13T14:06:06-08:00
Voluntary Agreements & State Water Project Talking Points2022-03-31T10:02:23-07:00
Voluntary Agreements Sample Social Media Posts2023-01-13T14:06:37-08:00
State, Federal Agencies Announce Agreement with Local Water Suppliers to Improve the Health of Rivers and Landscapes2022-03-29T14:56:38-07:00
Voluntary Agreements MOU2022-03-29T14:54:59-07:00
California’s Voluntary Agreements Fact Sheet2022-03-29T14:36:55-07:00
Statement: SWC Responds to Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order Requiring Public Water Agencies to Increase Drought Response and Conservation2022-03-28T14:28:50-07:00
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