Statement: State Water Contractors Respond to Increased Allocation of State Water Project Supplies2023-03-24T15:01:59-07:00
Statement: SWC Respond to State Water Resources Control Board Modification of TUCP2023-03-10T13:36:04-08:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Governor Newsom’s Water Resilience Order2023-02-14T16:14:03-08:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Allocation of State Water Project Supplies2023-02-01T16:19:57-08:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Initial Allocation of State Water Project Supplies2023-02-01T16:31:27-08:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Governor Newsom’s Water Supply Strategy2022-08-11T13:22:10-07:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Release of Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Delta Conveyance Project2022-07-27T10:09:35-07:00
Statement: SWC Respond to Governor Newsom’s 2022-23 May Revise Proposal2022-05-16T12:54:23-07:00
Statement: SWC Responds to Decreased SWP Allocation2022-03-18T11:17:59-07:00
Statement: SWC Responds to Judge Ruling in Favor of DWR to Extend Long-Term Water Contracts2022-03-15T15:55:39-07:00
Statement: SWC Responds to End of Monterey Agreement Litigation2022-01-25T10:19:15-08:00
Statement: SWC Responds to Increased SWP Allocation2022-01-20T13:09:27-08:00
Statement: SWC Response to Gov. Newsom’s Expanded Drought Proclamation2021-07-08T15:14:22-07:00
Statement: SWC Response to California’s 2021-22 State Budget2021-11-30T13:33:54-08:00
Statement: SWC Response to Gov. Newsom’s Drought Proclamation and Funding Package2021-11-30T13:34:06-08:00
Press Release: Hurtado Bill to Repair and Restore State Water Project and Central Valley Project Infrastructure Passes Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee 6-02021-04-28T15:48:54-07:00
Joint Statement in Support of S. 3811, The Restoration of Essential Conveyance Act2020-06-15T15:06:05-07:00
Press Release: SWC Sues CA Over Updated Permit Conditions for the LTO of SWP2021-04-28T15:49:40-07:00
Statement: SWC Response to State’s Proposed Framework for Voluntary Agreements2021-11-30T13:34:24-08:00
Statement: SWC Response to Filing of NOP for Single-Tunnel Delta Conveyance Project2021-04-28T15:49:50-07:00
Statement: SWC Response to Draft Water Resilience Portfolio2021-04-28T15:49:59-07:00
Statement: SWC Response to Draft Environmental Impact Report2021-04-28T15:50:07-07:00
Statement: SWC Response to Spillway Repair2021-04-28T15:51:53-07:00
Statement: SWC Response to State of State2021-04-28T15:52:00-07:00
Statement: SWC Recognizes Response to Oroville Dam2021-04-28T15:52:33-07:00
Press Release: SWC Jennifer Pierre New Manager2021-04-28T15:53:00-07:00
Statement: SWC Response to Oroville2021-04-28T15:53:07-07:00
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