SWC CalPERS Board Resolution & Package 20222022-06-22T16:00:19-07:00
SWC Infrastructure Manager Position2021-10-05T12:58:29-07:00
SB 559 Sponsors Letter2021-05-12T16:54:00-07:00
SB 559 Coalition Letter2021-05-12T16:52:46-07:00
RFP for Delta Channel Maintanence2020-09-22T16:25:45-07:00
Letter: Support for Costa Amendment 261 to H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act2020-06-29T11:11:49-07:00
2020-2021 Salary2020-06-19T11:15:55-07:00
Letter: CA Request for Infrastructure Funding2021-04-28T15:50:19-07:00
Job Description: SWC Water Resources Manager2021-04-28T15:50:28-07:00
CNRA V. Wilbur Ross & PCCFA V. Wilbur Ross Full Text2020-06-15T12:02:45-07:00
SWC/KCWA V. DWR/CDFW Full Text2020-06-15T11:57:46-07:00
Letter: SWC Comments on Draft Water Resilience Portfolio2021-04-28T15:50:38-07:00
Job Description: SWC Energy Manager2021-04-28T15:50:44-07:00
Letter: SWC Comments on Delta Plan Ecosystem Restoration Amendment2021-04-28T15:50:53-07:00
SWC CalPERS Meeting 6/18/202020-06-15T15:28:27-07:00
Letter: SB 1 Coalition Veto Request2021-04-28T15:51:18-07:00
Letter: SB 49 Governor Request for Signature2021-04-28T15:51:26-07:00
Letter: SWC Response to Water Portfolio Initiative2021-04-28T15:51:32-07:00
RFP General Counsel SWC2019-11-20T11:30:26-08:00
Letter: Feinstein to Newsom2021-04-28T15:51:42-07:00
Letter: Request Delay of SWRCB Vote2021-04-28T15:52:06-07:00
Letter: Napa County Letter in Support of SWC Extension2021-04-28T15:52:16-07:00
SWC Board of Directors2019-11-20T11:31:03-08:00
SWC Board of Directors – June 21 20182019-11-20T11:31:13-08:00
Letter: SWC Letter to Oroville2021-04-28T15:52:41-07:00
Letter: SWC to DSC on Delta Plan2021-04-28T15:52:53-07:00
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