State, Federal Agencies Announce Agreement with Local Water Suppliers to Improve the Health of Rivers and Landscapes2022-03-29T14:56:38-07:00
Statement: SWC Responds to Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order Requiring Public Water Agencies to Increase Drought Response and Conservation2022-03-28T14:28:50-07:00
Statement: SWC Responds to 0% SWP Allocation2021-12-01T15:10:43-08:00
Statement: SB 559 Sponsors on DWR’s $100 Million Funding Program for Subsidence Damage Repairs2021-11-30T13:32:58-08:00
Statement: Asm. Amendments Force Senator to Pull Critical Infrastructure Repair2021-09-08T14:25:30-07:00
Statement: SWC Response to Conveyance2021-11-30T13:35:46-08:00
Statement: SWP Allocations Increased to 70%2021-11-30T13:35:53-08:00
Statement: Voluntary Agreements on Delta Plan2021-11-30T13:36:01-08:00
Statement: SWP Allocation Increased to 35%2021-11-30T13:36:12-08:00
Statement: Snow Survey Improved Water Capture2021-11-30T13:36:25-08:00
Results of Snow Show Need for System2019-12-02T12:45:57-08:00
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